Telemorphosis appeared in Star*Line Winter 2017

The Android Who Gave Herself Away appeared in Eye to the Telescope January 2017

Hand appeared in The Pedestal Magazine December 2016

The Star-Drinkers appeared in Liminality December 2016

How to Lie to a Telepath appeared in Star*Line Fall 2016

The Knights, the Gale and the Rose appeared in Liquid Imagination August 2016

Thirsty appeared in Silver Blade August 2016

Yoga Chip appeared in Liminality June 2016

The Poem Gardens of the Ascari appeared in Strange Horizons June 2016

World Trees of the Calidan System appeared in New Myths June 2016

Star Merchants appeared in Through the Gate May 2016

How to Train your Velociraptors appeared in Star*Line Spring 2016

What to Do With a Photosythetic Lover appeared in Liminality Dec 2015

Songs of the Sunflower Valley appeared in Through the Gate Dec 2015

Upgrade appeared in Strange Horizons Nov 2015