A little writing advice for the new year

Write like a Klingon

Write like a Klingon, wild
and reckless and without fear.
Dream like a Bajoran.
Steel your faith to be stronger
than hope and hopeless circumstance.

Write like a Vulcan would.
Be logical and precise in
all you say. Never lie.
Research like a Cardassian, have
cupboards full of facts you just-might-use.

Plot like a Romulan general,
no move too devious for you,
no stratagem ever repeated,
always changing the rules.
Be as ruthless as a Nausicaan,
kill your characters off
as they need to be killed
or sometimes just for fun.

Write like a post-warp human,
not only without the concern,
but without even the
knowledge of money.
Sell your work like a Ferengi,
put your reading glasses on
to look at the fine print.

Write like a Betazoid, lose
yourself in your characters.
Write like a Betazoid, naked
when you invite your readers in
to lines that matter the most.

And above all, remember to
write like a Klingon and get up
every single day and say
“This is a Good Day to Write.”